There are a great many people who are helping God's churches to get a handle on dealing with the current realities of the coronavirus crisis.  Here are some general helps and specific contacts for those that wish to have a greater degree of help.  A great resource for all things COVID-19 related to the church is being provided by the Georgia Baptist Convention.  Check out their stuff here: Georgia Baptist Link


Video discussing the livestream process for ministry: Livestream Link

Local church family contacts:

Oasis Church - Oasis is offering to advise churches on getting a platform that works in their realtiy.  Contact: John Falco

+1 (305) 332-8186

Nolan Fleishman (member of New Life Baptist Church, Davie)

Southeast Network and Data Systems
Nolan or Jonathan at 954-727-2500

Online Giving

Guide to various platforms for online giving: Platforms

Local recommendations coming soon.